Trimming my waste: Week 8 (clean energy) | the ReFab Diaries

Goals - Week 8:
  1. Reduce my household carbon footprint
  2. Spend my money on renewable energy
  3. Walk the damn walk
Stretch goal: Get everyone else to switch!  :)

I'm not going to stop using electricity, so this makes me feel a little less grubby. And switching electrical provider was really really easy! I did it last November - I'm only sharing it now because I wanted to be sure I understood what I was talking about.

So here's what I understand: my service (and bill) is delivered as usual by ComEd. And I'm connected to the same grid which will be repaired as usual in the event of an outage. But the energy I consume is now replenished with clean, renewable energy care of CleanChoice Energy. And every penny I spend on power sends the message I want to send: renewables please.

When you rent an apartment in a big city, it's easy to feel hamstrung. What can one little apartment dweller really do? Well, this feels like a significant thing you CAN do.

Is this post riddled with my referral link? Oh yes. I really want you to explore the option. I really want you to think about signing up. Does clean energy cost more than dirty energy? Only a little. My bill has gone up by $1.50 at most.

Don't see your state? Find out where you can buy green power in your state. Here are resources I found for other parts of the world (not exhaustive, sorry!)

Global Directory
England, Scotland and Wales
New Zealand 

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