Trimming my waste: Week 9 (reducing packaging) | the ReFab Diaries

Goals - Week 9:
  1. Reduce packaging waste
  2. Shift my shopping habits to incorporate more bulk
  3. Retrain myself and local stores: reusable bags/containers need to be "allowed"
Stretch goal: A pantry full of glass jars by the end of the year!

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that my first step into shopping the bulk section of my local Whole Foods was fraught. And I'm so glad I shared the experience because the response was fabulous! 

Here's what happened. I was out of oats. Perfect opportunity to make my first bulk purchase and I happened to be in my local (Evanston, IL) Whole Foods. I didn't actually have my own bag or container with me... but when I saw this sign, I was annoyed and didn't buy anything. On principle. WTF?? I put it on Instagram and here's what I discovered ... 

The FDA is apparently not prohibiting such things in Lake Grove, New York (image care of Instagram pal @own.less.waste.less). It seems that the decision is very much up to the store. So, as evidenced by other comments in this thread, if you ask, they'll probably say yes. Because US customer service is all about saying "yes", right? Meanwhile, I'm boycotting Whole Foods in favor of a small store that's a 5 min walk from my apartment. 

It goes by the forgettable name J.D. Mills. And it reminds me of the "health food" stores that were popular in the UK in the 90s. There's an emphasis on supplements and unusual, alternative pre-packaged "health" foods. And those items are eye-poppingly over-priced. But the bulk section is going to work just fine for me. I'm not even showing you the spices, teas and candies! And the next time I go in, I will talk to the owner about bringing my own bags/containers. I'm guessing he'll be just fine with it. 

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