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Apparently organ transplant in Japan is an issue that doesn’t get a lot of press, but the current situation is dire. Each year, about 300 people out of a total of 14,000 on waiting lists actually get the replacement organs they need; a percentage far lower than the rest of the world.

The numbers for child organ transplants are even worse. So, in order to raise awareness about this issue and shift the thinking around being an organ donor, an organization called Second Life Toys is doing something seriously cool: giving damaged plush toys a new life via donations from other stuffed animals.

The”recipient” in need of a replacement part is matched with a suitable donor and is then given a second chance at being played with thanks to the donation.

Separately, both toys were either neglected or damaged. But after the transplant, they get a second chance. And donors get a letter from the recipient toy telling them how the donation helped. Lovely right?

Here's the official video put out by Second Life Toys (in English):

I believe they've been inundated with donor toys but if you're interested in helping, "like", pin, tweet and share to help spread the word!

Image credits: Second Life Toys

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