Trimming my waste: Week 39 (milk paint for old glass) | the ReFab Diaries

This weekend involved apple picking and pumpkins and all things "fall". And I found myself, unexpectedly, in a thrift store a long way out of the city. The kind of place where nothing has been curated for (or by) a discerning eye. It's just a mishmash of great grandma's stuff that no one really wants anymore.

And there was a lot of kitsch ceramic. Dogs, horses, angels etc. What my grandma would have called "knick knacks". I guess I have some knick knacks of my own, but this It still made me curious though. What can you actually do with an ugly ceramic dog? The answer, it seems, is paint it! Milk-glass paint is especially effective. So here are some ideas:

I love this upcycle. Not only is the ugly little vase a lot less ugly; it actually gets to be useful! See the whole phone-charger makeover at Refresh Style.

What can you do with lampless glass shades? Turn them into lampshade vases! Full tutorial at The House that Lars Built.

This is exactly the kind of thing I saw a lot of on Sunday. I know some of it is valuable - I don't think the stuff I saw was it! But once it's been painted, it's pretty. DIY here.

Yeah. I'm not sure this a total save... that bird eye is still a bit odd. But I'm impressed at how well the paint covers the colors in these things! Tutorial by PopSugar.

And finally, a makeover of a simple vase. Because thrift-store shelves are groaning under the weight of this sort of glass. DIY here

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