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It's been a while since I shared a refashion and I'm excited about this one! I bought this shirt because I loved the detail. And while I've worn it often over the years, it's never felt right with long sleeves. The detailed cuffs have also always felt too heavy. So, I decided to turn it into the summer shirt it should always have been, and repurpose the detailed cuffs on the shoulders.

Here's the formal "before". I had originally planned to turn this into some version of a cold-shoulder shirt but, as is usually the case with me, my plans changed as I went along. 

Step 1: cut off the pretty cuffs.

Step 2:  spend a lot of time staring at the shirt, wondering if I should just cut the sleeves out completely and insert the cuffs. I realized I couldn't do that because the cuffs were too narrow. So, next plan.

Step 3: measure and the cut the sleeves short. Then cut strips from the leftover sleeve pieces to use as binding. I would usually avoid a detailed step like this and just surge the edge, but I found a great tutorial!

Step 4: admire the very tidy finish. Well, tidy enough for me! Here's to not taking the short cut.

Step 5: position and pin the lace detail over the shoulder and down the sleeve. Then stitch it down.

Step 5: cut away all the excess green fabric. Part of what always made the cuffs feel heavy was the fabric behind them. I also wanted to get it out of the way to make the shoulders truly open and the shirt a bit cooler for summer.

The only point to this photo is to show off how pretty the lace is without all the green fabric in the way! This part was very satisfying :)

Super happy with the way this turned out. And especially proud of that nice hem!

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