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If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know about this. Last week, I kicked off an art auction to benefit a new initiative called The Big Food Drive. What's it all about? Read on :)

South Africa has one of the highest levels of inequality in the world (more than half the population lives in poverty). They have also instituted one of the strictest versions of a coronavirus-related lockdown in the world. It's not "shelter-in-place" or "self-quarantine". It's a strict, military-enforced, lockdown that verges on nationwide house arrest. Necessary, but very tough.

While effective in slowing the spread of Covid-19, millions of the most vulnerable people (many also managing Tuberculosis and HIV-AIDS) are now unsure of how to get their next meal. Government initiatives aren't scaling fast enough, so this is where The Big Food Drive comes in. Please visit their fundraising page to find out more.    

What I'm doing and why: While I live in the US, I'm South African. Most of my family lives there, so I'm very sensitive to how SA is experiencing this pandemic. Just $500 feeds 1000 people thanks to a weakened local currency. Since I kicked off the art auction, I've raised $330. Help me hit $500! 

Everything you see in the image above is work-in-process 

for this week's auction (5/4-5/9). 

How to bid: If you have an Instagram account, you're good to go. Find me (@refabbed) and place your bid in a comment under the image. I'll publish a new work every day and you have approx 24hrs to bid. 

Eligibility and shipping: The auction is open to buyers worldwide but please note: US shipping is included in the bid (I will deduct $5 from your donation to cover my costs). Overseas friends - I will have to ask you to add $10 to your final payment to cover international shipping, and also ask you to be patient with shipping speeds in our strange new world. Delivery of mail is now dependent on how different countries are responding to the pandemic.

Payment: I'm able to accept payment via Venmo/Zelle and PayPal - I'll DM the details. 

And the giveaway?  Follow me on Instagram - it will happen later this week :)


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