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If your home needs a refresh (or even a serious upgrade) but you don’t have the money for renovations, you can make significant improvements without a complete overhaul. Tackling minor updates before a considerable renovation can help you decide what direction you want to take a larger project. Or it might just allow you to skip it altogether.

6 Fun Ways to Update Your Home in a Weekend


Here are a few fun ways to update your home in a weekend without spending much or creating too much waste.


Cleaning and reorganizing your home can go a long way. Go through closets, drawers, and any storage areas, and remove any excess you don’t need or use. Downsizing can make your home feel like a different place. Here is a general checklist to follow:

  • Put things away in their designated places (i.e., jackets in the closet; dishes in the cabinets).
  • Find things that you’ve meant to repair and repair them.
  • Create a recycle or trash pile for items you haven’t used in a while or can’t use anymore.
  • Make a donation pile for useable items you no longer need, and then bring it to your nearest donation center.



Upgrade fixtures

You can also upgrade the fixtures and hardware in your home to give spaces a new look. Replace drawer handles, doorknobs, and light switches for a more modern feel. 



Add an accent wall

Create an accent wall in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom to add some interest. Choose bold colors that complement the room or have some fun with pattern and texture (e.g. DIY stamping). Wallpaper provides striking designs and can be an excellent choice for a quick home update.


Restore old furniture

You can have a lot of fun restoring old furniture. Are your wooden desks and tables scratched and faded? Improve the appearance of end tables and dressers by restaining them to more modern color schemes—you may even feel a sense of accomplishment when you see the results.


Install new-to-you lighting

Revamping your home’s lighting can change its entire atmosphere. Lighting can do a lot for your space by adding warmth. Ditch outdated fluorescent lighting with smart LED lights that can change colors and dimness.

Experiment with hanging lights, LED bars, and lanterns. Explore local thrift stores and flea markets for unique finds.


Purchase (or make) some new art

Are your walls looking incredibly bare? Of all the fun ways to update your home in a weekend, shopping for (or making) new art might be the most enjoyable. And remember, art doesn't just mean paintings! Grouping found objects to create something sculptural is a great way to add interest to bare wall.

Hopefully, these tips on modernizing your home will give your rooms new life!



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