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 Fishing can be as expensive as you want it to be. If you love gadgets, you can drop a ton of money at the sporting goods store. If you’re a minimalist, you’ll probably have the same luck with a basic hand-me-down pole. So there are plenty of ways to customize and upcycle your equipment. The best DIY projects for fishing enthusiasts are the ones that make your outings memorable.

Best DIY Projects for Fishing Enthusiasts


When it comes to fishing, you need to be organized. With this in mind, you can make a spectacular fishing vest if you just keep one word in mind: pockets. Big, small, snap, zip, hidden—as long as you can remember which one is for what, you’ll be golden. You can get fancy with reflective strips, loops to hold rods and nets, D rings, and tabs for attaching tools. And there’s no rule that says it has to be boring “cargo” beige. If you have a knack for style, adapt an old suit vest or something denim, fleece, or floral. One ingenious touch is to stitch some kind of measuring tape on the inside of the vest so that you can conveniently rank your catch. 



Experienced fishers can’t resist customizing their high-end poles for just the right balance of weight, color, highlights, and other preferences. But do you know all you really need for a workable rod? A sturdy stick, string, fishing line, and a small hook. It’s a fun project if you want a low-key way to introduce your kids to the charms of your old fishing hole. If you’d like to try a more extreme twist on fishing, you can even transform an old hunting bow into a homemade bowfishing bow


Lures and Bait

Some anglers buy lures for $100 or more, but there are so many kinds and possibilities that it’s hard to resist making your own. Just consider the supplies you can use: rubber worms, bottle caps, old jewelry, earplugs, spoons, and more. Enlist the kids for the creative, colorful elements, and save any drilling and sawing for the adults. If you enjoy woodworking, you can create topwater lures or diving baits. The best DIY projects for fishing enthusiasts cater to your skills, so if you’re more comfortable in the kitchen, whip up some homemade bait. You can attract trout with a dough made of sugar, cheese, cornmeal, and flour.



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