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Bohemian style is a great décor choice if you love vibrant patterns, natural textures and textiles, floral and botanical motifs, tons of plants, and repurposing finds from thrift stores. While I can appreciate the simplicity of minimalism, I enjoy the eclectic vibe that Boho offers. It’s a simple decorating strategy; almost anything goes.

4 Ideas for Decorating Your Home in Bohemian Style

There are tons of Boho styles that range from more glamour or minimal to the classic Boho vibe. For some, that is freeing, but I always found it a bit overwhelming. Luckily, there are specific ways to achieve a Boho look in any space. If you’re like me and need some inspiration to get started, here are four ideas for decorating your home in Bohemian style.



Lighter furniture and neutrals

Classic Bohemian style adds airiness and a natural feel to the environment. This tends to be achieved through lots of different textures, plants and a lot of lights and neutrals. So rule of thumb is to stay away from too much dark and heavy furniture. Opting for lighter wood stains will give the space a neutral palette to allow the vibrant colors and textures typically found in Bohemian aesthetics to pop. 

If you do use warmer wood tones (which I do), take inspiration from the image above: with lighter neutrals all around (the walls, the art, the throw, and baskets, and even the lighting) you can still achieve an airy, natural feel. And if you look closely, it's clear that not a single thing in this image was bought as a set. Which is why this approach to decorating lends itself so well to thrifted and gently used things.




You need to add plants! Hanging or potted plants add a calming effect that I’ve always loved; plant life has always been a staple for Boho décor. If you aren’t very good at keeping plants alive, you can try some low-maintenance varieties, like succulents or cacti. Plus, you can find some unique planters to help add texture and patterns. 

Pro tip: get plant cuttings from friends or start propagating your own cuttings. This is a low pressure (no cost) way to figure out which plants will thrive in your space and which ones don't. And watching your babies turn into huge plants is incredibly satisfying. 



Patterns and colors

Of course, mixing and matching patterns is a big part of Bohemian style too. Start with a color scheme and work from there—having multiple patterns with tons of different colors is visually overwhelming. For example, if you’re layering rugs, keep the base rug more neutral so the top layer can pop.



Second-hand furniture

Of course, I love repurposing furniture, and most of what I own has been found, thrifted, upcycled or purchased used. This approach to decorating takes some patience but it’s a perfect fit for Boho style. 

Adding vintage pieces to your décor will help reconnect the style back to its origins. And if you really aren't into light wood and wicker, look for furniture made of brass, steel, wood and older manufactured materials. While brass planters and floor pillows for layering (and lounging) tend to be classic Boho accessories, there's a way to achieve the look without it feeling too "hippy". 

When you’re searching for ideas for decorating your home in a Bohemian style, don’t hesitate to experiment.



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