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If you laughed at the headline for this post, you're not alone. When you have small children, just being a parent every day is daunting enough. The idea of living a sustainable life while doing it can seem like a fantasy. But with a bit of a plan and some simple ideas, it's possible. And upcycling isn’t just great for the environment; it can also help save you money. Gather up old clothes and invest in some new baby items with these simple ways to become a sustainable parent!

4 Simple Ways To Become a Sustainable Parent


Get the right clothes

Part of sustainable parenting is shopping for the right clothes and knowing where to spend your money. Kids grow fast, so consider using hand-me-downs or shopping for secondhand clothes rather than filling their closet with new and expensive outfits.

Also, if you are going to buy new, consider shopping for organic clothing because it lasts longer, and natural materials are better for the environment. But before you shop, educate yourself on how to tell if clothing is genuinely organic. Some brands may label themselves as eco-friendly, but that doesn’t mean the material is also organic.

Shop mindfully

When you have children, you need to buy a lot more than outfits and toys. Swap out those expensive disposable diapers for cloth ones, and consider reusable nursing pads.

As far as toys go, I always recommend searching out used ones or keeping favorites from your first kid. A child won’t care that the toy is secondhand so long as they love it— encourage your little one to start upcycling! And if you do buy new, look for opportunities to buy items made from upcycled materials like ocean plastic.

Repurpose old materials

Find a way to upcycle instead of trashing items, whether it’s old toys or clothing that no longer fits. I love the idea of transforming an old favorite into a piece of memorabilia. With some sewing skills, you could give your child’s favorite clothes a new life as a blanket or teddy bear! And that’s not all; you could also make toy balls or rings with old rags.

Educate your kids

Another simple way to become a sustainable parent is to educate your children on the subject. By teaching your kids about becoming environmentally aware when they’re young, you encourage them to grow into responsible adults.

You could also become more eco-friendly by finding new ways to travel with the kids. If possible, ride your bike to the park or library. Not only does this encourage your kids to care about the environment, but it also gives them an excellent opportunity to burn off some excess energy.


One of my favorite ways to make sustainability part of my kid's life is to grow things with her. Over the years we've done everything from working in a full-size community vegetable garden to growing a small herb garden on the window sill. Any kind of garden helps connect kids to their food and teaches a little science at the same time! When it’s time to eat your crop, take things a step further with reusable dinnerware.



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