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If you're a maker, crafter, artist or anyone else who needs a space in your home to make a mess... this is for you. 

Ideally, you have the space to grab an entire room for making. For many of us, this isn't possible - we have to use the space we have (like a dining room, an office, or a closet) and make it do double duty.  Regardless, read on for some ideas for setting up a maker space in your home.

Ideas for Setting up a Crafting Room In Your Home


Prioritize organization over decoration to start

If all goes to plan, your space will always be full of works-in-progress. So, to keep the area from feeling too messy, start with a minimalist approach to decorating it. This may seem obvious, but there's a temptation to make things look cute before you get organized. Also, it generally takes a while to figure out what the most effective way was to use the space you have.



Storage, storage, and more storage

Cabinets? Good idea! Hanging organizers? Awesome! Filing cabinets? They might not be aesthetically pleasing but bring 'em on! You can never have too much storage in a maker space. No matter what the area of interest, it requires supplies, and every time you try something new, your catalog of materials grows too. For example, an advantage of sourcing textiles online for projects is that they are cheaper in bulk, but then you need somewhere to put the bulk.

I also recommended to keep your space organized with color-coded and/or labeled sections. For large shelves and drawers, build dividers to separate different materials. You’ll also want to have ample space to the side where you can safely put things that need to dry or set out what needs to be laid flat.


If you can, get a large table or long work surface

Some projects can get big. Others need space to dry. In any case, you’ll need a big enough work area for what you do. Some people will design spaces and then not put in a big enough workstation, so they end up just using their kitchen table for crafts anyways. Having a kitchen-table-sized table or large island in the middle of the room is ideal. If that's not possible, steal a wall where you can and set up a long, narrow surface for yourself. 



Have fun with it

A maker space is a place for you to be creative and enjoy yourself amid the craziness of life. That’s why you’ll want to design a room that inspires you to create and have fun doing it. If it makes sense, don’t be afraid of bright colors. I like to decorate with the small things I've collected - especially postcards from art exhibitions. Treat the craft room like a playroom for adults. Because that’s what it is!




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