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One of my favorite ways to get new clothing is through clothing swap parties. These are practical and fun ways to find new outfits, get rid of things I don’t need, and hang out with friends. I’ve learned some tips over the years, both from attending and hosting these types of parties. If you'd like to try it, here's how to host a clothing swap party. 


How To Plan for Hosting a Clothing Swap Party

Pick a date

As with all parties, get a date set in stone. Send out invites to all your friends that you think would be interested in joining. You can also extend the invitation out even further, letting your guests bring a friend or two with them. However, it’s helpful to get some headcount (if possible) so that you can plan accordingly for the rest of the night.

I love to try to plan a clothing swap party twice a year or even every season. I’ve found that it helps me find good homes for articles of clothing I don’t need anymore!

Plan for the event

The next thing you need to do to plan for hosting a clothing swap party is to make sure you have enough space, seating, and food and drinks for everyone. This is an excellent time for everyone to exchange their favorite potluck dish. Depending on how you structure the event, you might need to borrow some extra seating from a friend.

Facilitate a structure

There are multiple ways that you can organize the actual swapping part of the time. I’ve found two methods that work and are perfect for different types of gatherings. The first is best if you have a lot of people or clothes involved, probably over eight attendees. You’ll need a lot of floor space for this. When each arrives, they will separate their clothing into different categories. Each category will have its own space on the ground (or in a laundry hamper or box). As each person drops off their stuff, there should be a nice assortment of items that everyone can later search through.

If you have fewer people, you might still be able to separate everything like this, but there is another way. Set up seating in a circle. Each person has a bag of their own donations next to them. Then, going one at a time, one person holds up an item they want to get rid of. If someone in the group likes it, they can call dibs and get it. If multiple people like this, then they can negotiate it out.

Whichever structure you choose, it helps the event run more smoothly. Clothing swap parties are fabulous for helping us be more fashionable on a budget, and more conscious of how much we accumulate.




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