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The global demand for rugs has created some un-environmentally friendly production methods, just like fast fashion. Also, if you're particular about the pattern and color, it can be hard to find the perfect area rug (and expensive). So once you find one that's just right, you want to ensure that it survives for decades! Here are a few simple tips to make that happen.


Avoiding direct sunlight

Over time, UV light causes colors to fade, which isn’t just a problem for rugs but any darker furniture and textiles in your home. So during the hours of the day when your living room rug is in direct sunlight, consider closing (or just angling) the blinds if you aren't using the space. This way, you'll minimize the material’s exposure to UV rays.

No shoes in the home

The bottoms of our shoes carry all the dirt (and everything else) we’ve stepped in on the sidewalks and public spaces we’ve visited. As people walk through your home, their shoes deposit unwanted debris from outside. And the items most vulnerable to this attack? The rugs and carpets in your home.

While smelly socks are an issue unto itself, the dirt on the bottom of shoes should take priority. That’s why I enforce a no-shoes policy in my home, not just to protect my rugs but to keep the whole place a little cleaner.

Regular cleaning

Obviously, the first step to taking care of something is regularly cleaning it to ensure it stays in top condition. The more time you give dirt and grime to settle into the fibers, the more likely they are to permanently ruin them. So I try to make a habit of vacuuming rugs weekly.

Then, I give the rug a deep cleaning whenever I think it’s necessary. If you want, you can enlist the services of a professional, but I’ve always preferred to DIY the shampooing to save some money. When DIY-cleaning a rug, you can rent a carpet shampooer from a hardware store or use some elbow grease, a firm brush, and a water and dish soap mixture.

Use a rug pad

Along with making the carpet more cushiony to lie on, one of the most significant benefits of a rug pad is that it acts as a bottom layer of protection. Without the pad’s stability, the rug will constantly shift under your feet. The rug can develop folds, and the bottom of it can get damaged from the friction of the sliding.

A well-made rug shouldn’t last years; it really should last a lifetime. Check out these simple tips for making a rug last longer if you’re unsure of how to care for one. 




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