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If you're us, today is a snow day! That used to mean a lot of time inside and no school. Now it means a day of e-learning for bigger kids. If you are stuck inside with kids this February and you're looking for simple activities, here are two easy, scrappy crafts for any kid who can handle glue and/or a needle and thread.

 What do you need for the plushy owls?


For the plush owls:

  • scrap fabric in two colors
  • white felt for the eyes and any color for the beak
  • permanent marker or fabric paint
  • needle and thread
  • some sort of stuffing for your plushy

Make a basic paper template, freehand. Cut it out and pin it to two layers for fabric. Cut those out. 

Then, cut out a couple of basic leaf shapes from a different fabric (for the wings), felt circles for eyes and a felt triangle for the beak. 

Use a permanent black marker to add color to the eyes.

Use fabric glue to attach eyes, wings and beak and give it some time to dry.

Put the two pieces together, right sides facing in and pin them with safety pins. 
Stitch them together! Don't forget to leave an opening to flip the completed work back out. Then stuff with batting and stitch the hole closed.

 What do you need for the pine cone owls?

For the pine cone owls:

  • pine cones
  • white felt for the eyes and wings, and any color for the beak
  • permanent marker or fabric paint
  • good glue
  • googly eyes are optional
  • I show batting in the picture but we actually used opened up cotton wool pads to add fluff to the cones

Cut out tear drop shapes for your owl wings then mark them any way you like.

As pictured, use any cotton wool or cotton pads you have to add the fluff to your owls (we did not need any glue for this). Then glue on the eyes and wings (lots of glue) and you're done.

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