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As the weather gets warmer, many people want to spruce up their homes to welcome the seasonal shift to spring. Redecorating can be wasteful if you get rid of perfectly good items because of a new season. However, there are ways to avoid this and refresh your space while being environmentally conscious. Keep reading as I share some great eco-friendly decorating tips to spruce up your home this spring.

Decorating Tips To Spruce Up Your Home This Spring


Go thrifting

Thrifting gives old furniture a new life and is great for both the environment and your home. While it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to comb through different thrift shops for the perfect piece, as long as you have a schedule, budget, and goal in mind, you can succeed. I always remember to keep an open, creative mind while thrifting. You can easily refinish or repaint wooden pieces to fit your space. You can also spruce up old stools and chairs by adding—or replacing—cushions. The sky is the limit with thrift store furniture and your creativity!

Invest in custom furniture

If you can’t find what you need gently used, custom furniture is a great alternative if you have the budget. Consider choosing handcrafted over mass-produced furniture because it’s often better quality and more sustainably made. While custom pieces are more expensive than mass-produced and thrifted ones, their high quality also means they have a long lifespan. These pieces will last through every redecoration, and they’re a good investment for your home and the environment.

Upcycle what you already have

Redecorating doesn’t have to mean buying new pieces, either thrifted or custom. Look at what you already have and consider what it would take to love it more. Would you want to keep your dresser if it was a different color? Would you spend more time in your living room if you had more plants? Spring is the perfect time for upcycling projects, so take the time to repaint that dresser or turn old bottles into plant vases. I love making these changes because it helps me better enjoy my space.

Thrifting, investing in custom furniture, and upcycling your current pieces are three eco-friendly redecorating tips to spruce up your home this spring. With these three tactics, you can make your space feel new without having a negative environmental impact. Explore the rest of my blog for more eco-friendly home ideas.



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