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I genuinely like to find new ways to make my home renovations less messy and more eco-friendly. And with spring finally appearing in the northern hemisphere, I thought I’d brighten everyone’s day with a fun list of easy home renovation projects that reduce waste. 

Easy Home Renovation Projects That Reduce Waste

Set up a recycling area

No one likes waste—I certainly don’t. But it's also not fun to live with bags of recycling piled up all over your kitchen or in some other part of your home. So, if you can, install a recycling area on your back porch or in your garage.

I screwed in a shelving unit with open spaces to sit garbage cans inside each shelf. To avoid spillage, I recommend attaching a rolling system, so each time you want to refill your garbage cans, you can easily pull each one out rather than take them down.

This system is bound to improve your approach to recycling.

Use a barrel for the bathroom sink

One of the most creative things I’ve seen in anyone’s bathroom is using a barrel as a sink. I wasn’t sure about this at first, but after I read more about it and got advice from handy friends, I installed my own. Now, it’s my favorite part of the house.

The first thing I did was outline my pipework—this helped me figure out how to get the barrel around without unscrewing anything. Upon removing the hole on the back of the barrel, I gently pushed it back, then screwed it down with the help of a friend to avoid tipping or moving.

After that, I attached the top of the sink to the barrel and then tightened the pipes to my sink. Now, I have a better sink that didn’t cost anything.

Improve your insulation

Keeping air quality good and temperatures comfortable in our homes is often achieved at the expense of the planet. So instead of adjusting the thermostat, consider installing insulation - it can do wonders. I asked a few friends about what insulation they have experience using.

Some recommended cellulose, and others said spray foam was the best; however, others claimed both offer outstanding benefits and help the environment in many ways. After hearing that, I rang up the closest insulation company to ask for a consultation.

Eventually, I did go with cellulose, but I had a professional service install the insulation, and they were able to clean up everything before leaving. Working with the insulation company was the turning point for writing this article on easy renovation projects that reduce waste.

As I conclude this, I hope you enjoyed and learned a thing or two about better waste reduction. Also, follow these renovation waste management tips if you accumulate more waste than you bargained for.



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