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Whether you have a small outdoor space or no outdoor space at all, its still possible to be a gardener of some sort and include a little nature in your surroundings. It just requires some creativity, flexibility, and planning.  

How to design a small garden 

Before designing your small garden, you need to keep some important things in your mind. For example, what items you need for your garden and how these things will fit. There are plenty of gardening apps and tips out there to help you figure out the basic structure according to the space you have. Also, think about repurposing old furniture in your garden.



And don't forget garden lighting, if that makes sense for your space. You can, of course, go out and buy what you need. But also consider all those white string holiday lights you may have in storage! Speaking of, if you have enough space, then you can include storage in your space.


Tips to make your small garden pop

Use vertical space

When you have a small home, you might not have a lot of space on the floor. So consider using walls to create a vertical garden. There are lots of ways to do this and it's not only great for flowers - you can add different poles of vegetables like peas, cucumber, and carrot. 


Plants and vegetables that can grow vertically include

●    Blue Star Fern
●    Sword
●    Rosary Vine
●    Ivies
●    Aechmea
●    Begonias
●    Pole beans
●    Cucumber
●    Melons
●    Zucchini
●    Tomatoes
●    Winter Squash
●    Strawberry
●    Kiwis

Add containers to your garden



Small garden containers are perfect for tiny homes because you can move them easily, both within the space and when you move.

Growing a container garden is a great first step for beginners:

  1. First, make sure that there are drainage holes in the bottom of the pots because plants may die if left in waterlogged pots. 
  2. Check how much sun your spot receives throughout the day. Most plants requires at least six hours of direct sunlight. 
  3. Be sure to add fertilizer to your potting soil because slow-release fertilizers will support new plants for several weeks.

Hanging pots

Another way bring plants into a small space is to hang them from ceilings, walls, and in window frames. Hooks are not expensive and it's possible to buy plant hangers used. They can be placed anywhere to decorate the home and increase the charm of the space.

Multi-tasking space



Do you a parking spaces outside your home? While you might not be able to dig a garden into the space, consider creating a multi-tasking space; perhaps a few containers and an area for storage. 

Rooftop garden


Another option for small spaces: a rooftop garden. I'm generally envious of anyone who can access a roof space - the options are endless! Consider containers, an area for relaxing and really think about growing veggies. Rooftop gardens will get tons of sunshine and you'll have food for months.

Space saving ideas


A few space-saving tips:

●    Add a lot of greenery by utilizing a vertical surface
●    One large plant rather than a small lot of plants might work best for you
●    Don't overwhelm the area; cut down the unwanted plants on a regular basis.
●    Minimize the floor area and keep the area spacious.


No matter how small your home, there's a way to bring in a garden. You can create a vertical garden using your walls or can grow plants on the rooftop. A hanging garden is a great alternative too if you have a smaller house.

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