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If you’ve ever walked into your kitchen and thought, “Okay, this place needs some serious upgrades,” you’re not alone. I have definitely thought the same thing! But buying new appliances and granite countertops seems awfully wasteful. So, here's a guide to help make your kitchen look more modern without the guilt of adding more waste to our environment.

Guide To Help Make Your Kitchen Look More Modern

Vinyl everything

No one thinks of vinyl when they think of eco-friendly, but hear me out! More and more vinyl companies are developing greener processes and products. Many companies are now ensuring that their vinyl has no PVC and is 100% recyclable—technology, am I right?

The great thing about decorating with eco-friendly vinyl is that it’s also renter friendly! Eco-friendly vinyl adhesive doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that strip paint. Here are some of the things you can do with environmentally friendly vinyl:

  • Tile backsplashes
  • Tile flooring
  • Wrap cabinets
  • Detailing for appliances that stay under 400 degrees Fahrenheit, such as your dishwasher

The decorative possibilities are endless!


Eco-friendly countertops

Many of you may think of recycled and compressed wood when it comes to eco-friendly countertops, but there are other options. Remember, we’re talking about keeping it modern! These are a few sustainable materials for sleek countertops:

  • Recycled paper
  • Recycled resin
  • Recycled glass
  • Recycled cement
  • Crushed and recycled quartz and stone
  • Stainless steel

All of these choices are beautiful, modern, and sustainable.


Shelving and cabinets

Shelves are probably the most eco-friendly way to update your kitchen since anyone can make them with recycled wood and VOC-free paint. With floating shelves making a comeback, it’s hard not to want to do it yourself.

Cabinets are a little more complex because most of the cabinet materials you will see are made from recyclable or compressed wood, which is excellent in its own right. Now, wood can add beautiful texture to a modern kitchen, but if you do not want wood accents, you will have to get DIY savvy again. PVC-free vinyl from green companies and VOC-free paints will be your best options.

This guide to help make your kitchen look more modern should help keep your kitchen beautiful and environmentally friendly. So, start brainstorming your new kitchen today, and don’t be afraid to create the interior of your dreams!



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