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If you’re like me, you’ve noticed a fascinating trend in the housing market—tiny houses and shipping container homes. What’s the deal with these steel-box homes? In this blog, I’ll explain why tiny houses are trendy right now and their benefits as container homes.

Why More People Are Choosing To Live in Shipping Containers

Rise of the tiny house trend

I can’t talk about shipping container homes without mentioning the rise of the tiny house. In the past decade, tiny houses have become popular alternatives to traditional housing, especially among young and first-time home buyers.

The tiny house offers an affordable alternative to traditional housing, is greener and more efficient, and even makes for excellent investment properties. Many owners use tiny container houses as vacation homes or rental properties to supplement their incomes.


Benefits of shipping container homes

A tiny house doesn’t have to be a container home, so why do people use them? There are numerous benefits of opting for the shipping container tiny home, from their price to their construction and size.

Affordable (and upcycled!)

There’s no doubt that the primary reason why more people are choosing to live in shipping containers is their cost-effectiveness. In the past 10–15 years, housing prices have steadily risen, and many young families and single professionals struggle to afford basic starter homes.

Tiny houses are much more affordable, and the shipping container version is an even more affordable alternative to brand-new construction. Used containers especially are more affordable and come pre-built, so owners cut down on labor costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Plus, the homeowner’s money goes further in a tiny home thanks to its affordability, so they have a larger budget for renovations and customizations to their home.

Fast & simple construction

One of the most common myths about shipping container homes is that they’re complex and challenging to build when that couldn’t be further from the truth. I know I thought they’d be tricky to build with! But containers are simple, reliable steel boxes that only require minimal renovation.

All a shipping container needs to become livable is some insulation, a few windows and doors, and basic plumbing. That’s much simpler than renovating an entire house and remodeling a kitchen or knocking down walls!



Customizable & unique

Another advantage of the shipping container is it’s essentially a simple steel box that’s easy to customize. A shipping container is like a blank canvas, and homeowners get the opportunity to turn it into precisely what they want instead of adjusting a previous house.

As a container homeowner, I could choose the size, location, and style of my windows, doors, skylights, and more! Add a staircase to the side for a rooftop garden or patio. There’s no shortage of opportunities to make your container home uniquely yours!


In conclusion

Now you see why more people are living in shipping containers—it’s an excellent alternative to a traditional starter home! If you want to save money on your first home purchase, don’t forget the benefits of a shipping container house.




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