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Fast fashion has a negative impact on the environment and is a major contributor to pollution. Thrift shopping is a sustainable alternative that helps to balance some of the many issues with fast fashion. Below, I’ve listed a few ways shopping at thrift stores helps the environment.

How Shopping at Thrift Stores Helps the Environment


Reduces pollution

The first way that thrift shopping helps the environment is that it helps reduce polution. Many large clothing manufacturers dump all their waste into waterways, causing pollution that impacts the environment and wildlife in that area. In addition, some of the materials fast fashion companies use to make and dye their clothes are full of harsh chemicals and pesticides that also harm the environment.

With so much clothing already in circulation, shopping at a thrift store is an amazing way to support a more sustainable option. Fast fashion takes so much time, energy, and resources to produce. Thrift shopping helps to reduce your carbon footprint, providing a safer alternative for the environment.

Lowers water consumption

Shopping at thrift stores also helps the environment by reducing water consumption. Clothing manufacturers use thousands of gallons of water to produce materials at every stage of the process. Water is a precious resource that we must work to preserve globally. Unfortunately, so much water gets wasted during the production of fast fashion.

Thrift shopping helps lower water consumption by recycling articles of clothing. Because you are not buying fast fashion, you are helping to support water preservation, which is incredibly beneficial for our environment.

Supports recycling

Last but certainly not least, thrifting helps the environment because it supports recycling and the circular economy. Many people fail to realize that you can recycle more than just cans and plastic bottles. You can also recycle textiles. One of the main problems with fast fashion is the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills. Thrift stores recycle clothes by reselling them and giving them new life. This process helps keep clothes out of landfills and supports the habit of recycling, which is positive for our environment and is one of the many ways that thrifting can improve your life.

Now that you know the ways you can help the environment by thrifting, I hope you start using this sustainable shopping solution today. The next time you plan a shopping trip, consider the local thrift and consignment stores. There are good options online too!



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