Upcycling news roundup — Sept 19-25 | the ReFab Diaries

Here's your weekly round-up of interesting upcycling news from across the globe.



Meet the 'upcycling squad' transforming pre-loved furniture for homeowners needing extra support.



From the New York Times, a great article on companies that are tackling food waste by connecting people with unsold food from restaurants and grocery stores. "Lots of Food Gets Tossed. These Apps Let You Buy It, Cheap"



A fun piece from NYU's student newspaper on how upcycling has changed this writer's relationship with fashion. 



A new study in Nature underscores that increasing the volume of upcycled food system byproducts and residues into feed and ingredients remains a critical vehicle to offset competition between livestock and aquaculture fodder production and the F&B industry at large.

From CroatiaWeek:  A unique upcycled art installation springs to life in Zagreb’s Grič tunnel

From The List: Why You Should Think Twice Before Throwing Away Plastic Straws



Some great advice on what to do with your e-waste: what you can and can't dispose of and some ideas for upcycling.


Fashion forward: These startups are converting waste into bags and clothes



A great upcycled food story from the BBC:  The firms making flour from mushrooms and cauliflower



Amazing story from Good Design Australia about furniture and functional objects grown with mycelium (root structure of fungi).


 Design a fun, upcycled dress for a Barbie! 

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