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We all have those favorite clothes we wear so often that they get worn out over time. It can be frustrating when your favorite jacket or jeans get ripped or start losing buttons and zippers. But luckily, I have some helpful tricks to help you mend these clothes so that you can keep them forever. Here are three ways to repair worn-out articles of clothing.

3 Ways To Repair Worn-Out Articles of Clothing

Add patches

Adding patches is one of the clever ways I repair my old worn-out clothing so that I can continue wearing it. If I notice holes in my favorite clothes, I can fix them by sewing a patch over the top to conceal them and keep them from becoming larger. You can use patches that are the same color as the original fabric or add decorative patches for a more unique and creative look. Patches work especially well for holes in the elbow or knee area of clothing. For example, if your favorite blazer is getting worn at the elbows, you can strategically sew patches over them to reinforce those areas. Same-color patches are best for worn inner-thigh areas on your favorite jeans—you know what I mean.

Repair stitching

Another way that I fix worn-out clothing is by repairing the stitching—hems, seams, cuffs. Over time, the stitching in your favorite articles of clothing can become loose and start to unravel. While this issue is frustrating, it’s also fixable, so there’s no need to fret. If you know how to sew, you can repair the stitching by hand or with a sewing machine. You’ll want to choose a thread that matches the original for a cohesive look. If you don’t know how to sew, you can always take your clothes to a tailor to have them take a look at them and make any necessary adjustments.

Dye those fades away

Clothing dye is a simple, cheap, amazing way to bring a faded garment back to life. It's especially effective on black cotton that's gone that strange grey/green. I've also used it successfully on faded white t-shirts and vests. When you dye them black or dark blue, they end up a great, slightly worn color.

Replace zippers and buttons

Replacing zippers and buttons is another method I use to repair my old clothing. Jackets, shirts, and jeans often lose buttons or experience broken zippers from prolonged use. However, I don’t have to get rid of my clothes when this happens. As a solution, I can replace missing buttons and repair broken zippers whenever this issue occurs. It’s helpful to know tips for selecting the right zippers for your garments so that you know how to execute the process properly. Again, if you’re unsure how to perform this process yourself, you can take your garments to a tailor for their expert experience.

So the next time you experience wear and tear on your favorite clothes, you can follow these three tips for repairing worn-out articles of clothing. These are more sustainable options to repair your old clothes, so do what you can to keep your clothing in good condition for as long as possible.



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