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Unless you're truly a minimalist, your linen closet is probably a bit of a mess. Maybe your towels are stacked nicely, but the sheets? Forget it.

One of the trickiest things about organizing a linen closet is that shelves don’t do a very good job of keeping things neat. Here are a few smart ways to organize a linen closet to maximize the space you have.

Smartest Ways To Organize a Linen Closet

Upcycled bins and baskets

The first step to getting that linen closet into shape is to start grouping things together in bins and baskets. Baskets are one of the things professional organizers can’t live without, and you’ll soon see why.

My favorite way to gather storage containers is to save shoe boxes and shipping boxes and cover them in cute fabric or scrapbooking paper. It’s way cheaper than buying baskets at the store, plus it saves all that cardboard from going to waste!

Group sheets together

Sheets are where I always run into trouble. Fold your sheets until they’re small enough to fit into your bins. I always group sheets together by size (King, Queen, Twin, etc.) or by room. For example, if you have a primary bedroom and a guest bedroom, then you can keep the sheets for each room together in the same bin.

Fold towels in thirds

Folding your towels into thirds will help you fit more of them on the shelf. I also recommend folding them hotdog-style so that you can easily hang them on a towel rack. This will save you all the time that you would have spent re-folding towels.

Keep a rag bin

Anytime you find a sheet or towel that’s past its prime, chuck it into a basket at the bottom of the closet. When you have some time, you can tear up these old linens into strips and use them as cleaning rags.

Save those toiletries

I’m the kind of person who always saves the extra shampoo and soap from the hotel, but these toiletries usually end up in my closet somewhere. It’s much easier if you create a designated bin for these toiletries; then, you can move them to the guest bathroom or stick them in your suitcase for your next trip.

I hope you’ve enjoyed what I think are the smartest ways to organize a linen closet. Try them out and leave a comment, letting me know how it went!




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