Upcycling news roundup — Oct 3-9 | the ReFab Diaries

HUGE news in plastics recycling this week. And some lessons in waste-free glass upcycling from the Vikings. Of course.



The biggest news of the week: A scientific breakthrough means notorious plastics like polyethylene bags and jugs can finally be upcycled to solve several problems at once.





Misfits Market and the Upcycled Food Association have  announced The Upcycling Challenge, a contest for food entrepreneurs to create an innovative, sustainable, and delicious food product that repurposes excess food or waste. Finalists will pitch new products to a panel of judges at EXPO West in March 2023 in Anaheim, California. 




Speaking of the Upcycled Food Association - they just launched their first made-for-TV commercials.  




Food that's upcycled AND vegan? Yes, that's a thing now.  Including this plant-based egg substitute made from upcycled peas.

How about fragrances created using upcycled elements? Also a thing now.



A great story about upcycling in the past: Viking beadmakers' secrets revealed.





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