Upcycling news roundup — Sept 26-Oct 2 | the ReFab Diaries

From cow-dung speakers to insect-powered protein, here's this week's upcycling news round up.



Great piece by Inhabit on upcycled buildings - all about creating sustainable architecture through adaptive reuse. 



New research shows that upcycling is one of the many ways Brits are "going more green"

A fun headboard repurpose


What's not to love about a derby car race featuring entirely recycled and upcycled cars

Check out this new community library in Nee Soon Town Council, the first in Singapore made entirely out of upcycled materials. 

Meanwhile in Australia, Wastefest is coming to teach you about upcycling, supporting local brands, and other ways to avoid the fast fashion trap


This is a big deal and I'm so glad someone is thinking about it. A Canadian startup has teamed up with Mercedes-Benz Energy to upcycle used EV batteries. It's one of the first agreements of its kind to be signed. Here's to many more... before we end up with piles of dead EV units.  

Is there anything you *can't* do with a shipping container? In this case, they're being turned into swimming pools.


Cow dung speakers and dog hair rugs: Innovative upcycling at Singapore Design Week 



Love this story about "Missing Button" - a RISD/Brown initiative that partners with university stores to promote sustainable practices by upcycling unsold overstock into unique and timeless spirit-wear designs.


Oh look! Upcycled and disused wood is being used to create environmentally friendly ‘bug hotels’ (a biodiversity initiative in Ireland)

And in the alternative protein space (yes, that's a thing), Vienna’s LIVIN Farms just received €6 million to upcycle food waste into insect-powered protein.



Finally, a fun DIY! How to upcycle mesh produce bags (like the ones clementines come in) into dish scrubbies.

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