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We live in a time where we see so many people and businesses misusing natural resources, causing them to deplete. We all need to work together to correct this issue and find effective solutions. Many people are choosing sustainable alternatives in their homes to make a difference, such as harvesting rainwater as a primary or additional water source. Here are three reasons you should consider rainwater harvesting.

3 Reasons You Should Consider Rainwater Harvesting

Reduces water bills

Utilities and water bills can get pretty high, making them difficult for many families to afford in the long run. However, I’ve found that harvesting rainwater is an economical option that significantly decreases the amount of my monthly water bill. I utilize it to water the inedible plants in my garden, wash off beach supplies, and mop vinyl or linoleum floors. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and I, don’t recommend using harvested rainwater for cooking or watering plants you intend to eat, as doing so could make you sick. By using rainwater for multiple cleaning purposes, you actively work to reduce your water bill expense and find more efficient and effective solutions for your family.


Helps the environment

Helping the environment is another worthwhile reason to start harvesting rainwater. Learning how to harvest rainwater is easy. With this complete guide to harvesting and filtering rainwater, I learned how to become more sustainable and create a more eco-friendly household—and so can you! This method helps the environment by reducing the demand for freshwater resources, preventing flooding and erosion, and decreasing water contamination.

Taking small steps towards a greener way of living makes a big difference. The more people learn how to implement these steps into their daily routines, the more healthy our environment is—inside and outside the home.


Saves water and energy

Rainwater harvesting also saves water and energy, which is beneficial on both small and large scales. Overusing our natural resources, such as fresh water, can have a negative impact on our economies and the environment as a whole. Therefore, it’s necessary to take the proper steps to avoid misusing or overusing these resources. On a more personal level, I’ve noticed using municipal-supplied water for showering, daily chores, and gardening only increases my energy bill expense and decreases my savings. I can attest that harvesting rainwater is a positive solution for both of these issues and allows me to effectively save water and energy.

Now that you know why you should start harvesting rainwater, you can begin using this sustainable method in your home today. Before you know it, you will reap the many benefits of rainwater harvesting.





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