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Around here, we're all about repair over replace. Today, let's talk about garage doors! If you're lucky enough to have a home with an automatic garage door, then you know that it's one of the most used parts of your house. Yet it often gets forgotten when it comes to maintenance (and can then result in very costly repairs). From unexpected squeaks to a slightly off-track door, malfunctioning garage doors can spell trouble if you ignore them. So we've rounded up the nine most common reasons for needing garage door repair services so you can be prepared.  


Continue reading to learn more about these issues, plus ways to prevent them in future.

Nine common reasons for garage door repair

These are the nine most common reasons why people need garage door repairs:

1. A noisy garage door: Over time, components can wear out and make your garage door noisier than usual. It is a prevalent issue with older wooden doors that may need to be oiled or lubed regularly to keep them running quietly. A technician can diagnose what's causing the noise and make repairs accordingly.

2. A misaligned garage door: A misaligned track can cause many issues for your garage door, including decreased security and increased wear and tear on parts. A qualified technician will be able to check the alignment of your tracks and adjust them if necessary so that you don't have this problem again in future.

3. A broken torsion spring: A broken torsion spring can be a serious problem, as these springs are responsible for counterbalancing the door when it opens and closes. A technician should be able to replace or repair your torsion spring so that your garage door runs as smoothly as possible.

4. A damaged panel: Damage to individual panels on a garage door can occur due to age or wear and tear from regular use. A technician can assess the damage and recommend whether repair or panel replacement is necessary.

5. A defective opener: Your electric opener plays a vital role in keeping your garage secure from intruders, so it must work properly. If you're having trouble with your opener, a technician can identify the issue and make any necessary repairs.

6. A malfunctioning remote: A broken or faulty remote can cause your garage door to stay open when it should be closed or vice versa. A technician can diagnose the issue and replace or repair the remote if required.

7. A misaligned photo-eye: A misaligned photo-eye may cause your door to reverse when opening or closing, resulting in an unsafe environment for anyone nearby. A technician will be able to assess the situation and adjust the photo eye so that this doesn't happen again.

8. Damaged rollers: Over time, rollers can become worn and damaged due to regular use and exposure to the elements. A qualified technician will be able to assess the damage and recommend either a repair or replacement of your rollers as required.

9. A broken cable: It can cause significant issues with your garage door, including not opening or closing correctly. A professional technician can assess the situation and replace or repair any broken cables as needed.

These are just some of the issues that may require garage door repairs from time to time. If you have any concerns that there might be something wrong with your door, enlist the help of a service provider like A1 Garage immediately for peace of mind that it is working correctly and safely again in no time. A1 Garage technicians have the experience and knowledge to identify any issues quickly and make repairs as necessary, so you can be sure your garage door is always in top condition.

Why are regular checks and maintenance necessary for your garage door?

Regular checks and maintenance of your garage door are essential for several reasons:

  • It helps to identify any potential issues before they become serious problems that require more costly repairs.
  • Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your garage door and its components by keeping things in good working order.
  • Regular inspections will ensure that all safety features are functioning so that you don't have to worry about any accidents or injuries due to malfunctioning equipment.

By scheduling an annual checkup with A1 Garage Door Repair technicians, you can be sure your garage door is always in peak condition and running safely and smoothly.

In conclusion

You may need to call for garage door repair, no matter how new or old your system is. By being aware of the common issues that occur and taking steps such as regular maintenance to ensure everything is in good working order, you can be sure that your garage door will continue to operate safely and effectively for many years to come. A1 Garage Door Repair technicians have the experience and knowledge required to quickly identify any problems and make repairs or replacements as necessary, so trust them for all your garage door needs.

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