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I don’t know about you, but I often end up with tons of leftover mason jars after perusing farmer’s markets and produce sections. If you’re like me and have so many old mason jars you don’t know what to do with, I’ve got some ideas for how to put them to use below!

4 Ideas To Put Your Old Mason Jars to Use

Collection Displays

One way I love to repurpose mason jars is to use them as decor pieces or collection displays. Many people fill mason jars with small, decorative items and then display them as decor pieces that add character to any space.

Some examples of things you can put in a mason jar for display include:

  • Seashells
  • Dominos
  • Bottle caps
  • Coffee beans
  • Potpourri
  • And anything else you can think of to fit in them!


One of my favorite ideas to put your old mason jars to use is to use them as small but beautiful vases! If you want a smaller type of vase for your flowers and something different than typical vases, mason jars make for sturdy vases with unique character.

Plus, since they’re so compact and sturdy, you can put them practically anywhere you’d like in your home without worrying about knocking over a precious vase! Mason jars are also great for creating centerpieces if you’re entertaining guests.


Do you love to make candles and experiment with different scents and fragrances? I certainly do, and mason jars make for great candle wax holders and open new opportunities for what to do with them. For instance, I like hanging them from the outdoor patio for practical yet romantic lighting!

If you dislike making candles from scratch, you can still make a simpler version within a mason jar. Fill the jar with sand and place a votive candle inside; you’ve got yourself a homemade candle with some character!

Workshop Organization Jars

While mason jars are great for decorations, they can also be incredibly practical and help you make the most of your storage shed space! I understand that many sheds, workshops, and workbenches can suffer from chaotic disorganization with miscellaneous small items like nails, nuts, and bolts scattered everywhere in bins and drawers.

Organize any space with mason jars by hanging them underneath a bench or a shelf for visible and easily accessible storage. All you need to do is glue or fasten the lids of the jars to the bottom of a shelf or bench, then screw in the jar. Now you’ve got a hanging storage jar!

Now you see that you can do many things with old mason jars, from making decorations to practical storage! So instead of throwing them out or keeping a space-hogging collection, put them to use!

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