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Repurposing existing fixtures may be an economical and creative solution to upgrading the appearance of your home if budget constraints prevent total remodeling. Entry doors, given their solid wood foundation and size, can fall into this arena. 

With a bit of carpentry skills and a touch of imagination, you can easily turn entry doors into stunning focal points in any part of your home. There are numerous ways that you can turn an everyday door into a wonderfully crafted piece of art.

Create an Artisanal Dining Table 

You'll be surprised by how easily you can turn an average entry door into a dining table masterpiece. The most common size for home entry doors is typically 80 inches by 36 inches, which makes it big enough to seat anywhere from six to eight people comfortably. 

All you need to transform your entry door into a beautiful hand-made table is a little ingenuity, some elbow grease, and a can of paint. For easy cleaning, consider topping it with beveled-cut glass or a layer of acrylic. Lastly, throw in a vase of daisies to add both charm and a rustic feel to your dining room. 

Design a Timeless Floor Length Mirror 

Floor-length mirrors can effortlessly add vintage appeal and a touch of elegance to any room. Use your entry door to add a back support base for your mirror and a regal aesthetic. Try painting the door a neutral color such as gray or tan, or for more flare, opt for eye-catching colors such as cranberry or fern green. 

Be sure to determine the right dimensions for the mirror, as you'll want to leave enough space to show off your creative base. You can add this decorative mirror to your bedroom to create a sense of allure, or use it to create more visual space in your foyer.

Build an Inviting Accent Bench

Revitalize old wooden or steel frame doors by building an eclectic bench for your hallways or living room. This simple architectural gem may just impress your house guests. Use an electric saw to cut the door into five pieces and create the perfect two-seater bench for your home. You'll also want to use a leveler to prevent the bench from wobbling. 

But why stop there? Try adding a few accents to the outer sides of the bench for more detail, and maybe a bit of chalk paint for a more rural feel. Also, consider tossing in a few multi-colored pillows to help the bench stand out. 

Make a Fancy Corner Shelf

Corner shelves can be an incredible space saver while also adding practicality and style to any room. In just an afternoon, an entry door can become the basis of an attractive corner shelf suitable for holding various mementos and personal effects.

This functional self can stand alone or be fastened to the wall using reinforcing brackets. You may also need some particle board for the shelving, and clamps to hold things in place during its construction. Once you're done, just add a touch of paint, set it against the wall, and top it with your favorite memorabilia or plants. 

Side note: Sometimes you may need to quickly replace your entry door before embarking on your home project, such as in the event of burglary or extreme weather. If this is the case, simply go do a Google search for "entry door near me" to quickly find suppliers for new entry doors in your local area. 

Show Your Style with an Elaborate Headboard

More often than not, the bed tends to be the focal point of most bedrooms, it's not uncommon for a cool headboard to take the limelight. An oversized or creatively unique headboard can also be designed by using that tossed-out entry door. Make the headboard the ultimate statement piece using stencils and a myriad of colors to create a visual labyrinth in your bedroom. 

Be sure to down the measurements for your bed frame before starting this project, and don't be limited by the door alone. Great additions to the headboard can include items such as fabrics, LED lights, or photos. 

Wrapping Things Up

Creating artistic masterpieces from entry doors can be done without breaking the bank. The only requirements are a bit of imaginative contemplation and a trip to your local home improvement store. 

By thinking outside the box and searching social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, you'll find numerous ways to use an entry door to make beautiful pieces of furniture for your home.

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