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Book Spine Poetry: Optimism Vol1

The things they carried to the lighthouse, after the plague:
Love medicine
The old man who read love stories
The book of laughter
and forgetting...
(it's) not the end of the world.

Book Spine Poetry: Home Vol 3

The unbearable lightness of
being the shadow of the 
wind, all over creation
changing planes ....

Book Spine Poetry: Independence Vol1

Not sure this needs any explanation. In honor of girls, eccentricity and independence day.

Book Spine Poetry: Creativity Vol 1

When you have to be creative for a living (and always within deadlines), creativity = work. And the best creative results often get tossed out the window thanks to trademark issues and copyright laws.  When the creativity involves products for children, it can get weird sometimes.  I thought I should explain a little... just in case I appear to be losing my mind. 

Book Spine Poetry: Home Vol 2

Musings on the meaning of Home ... Vol 2.

Book Spine Poetry: Home - Vol1

I was inspired by the book-spine poetry at Brain Pickings.  So here's my first run at it.  Musings on the meaning of "home" ... Vol 1.