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Repurpose: Fab clock on a ReFab budget ...

If anyone tried to profile my "style" it would be, at best, eclectic. At worst, disjointed and fickle. Case in point: I saw a $98 clock on that made me look twice. That little "I can make that" voice went off in my head like a siren... after all, how cool would it be to turn an expensive "Fab" into a "ReFab"? On the other hand, it's not quite "me". There's an aesthetic out there epitomized, for me, by Ariele Alasko. It resonates for me.

Ariele creates wonders with wood. And her Instagram feed is my daily reminder that I'd really just like to go live in a treehouse. That's a shot of her home above ... see the bones, feathers, wood etc? I love that look - I think it's the African upbringing. Sort of industrial-naturalist? Hip-folk? Boho-noir? I have no idea. I just like it. So when I ultimately made my Fab clock, it included real pinecones, feather-of-guinea-fowl and quill-of-porcupine!  And it cost around $8. 

Read on for the how-to ...

Upcycle: Go a little Cuckoo for color!

You know how you used to pooh-pooh the cuckoo? You know that horrifying, noisy old clock of your great Aunt / Grandma / Second-cousin that you never wanted?  You want it now, don't you?! Well, I certainly do. Be inspired by a sweet roundup of colorful cuckoo's and get the cuckoo makeover how-to at Vintage Revivals

ReVision: Magazines into a wall clock!

I've seen this simple paper-rolling technique used everywhere. But I'm blown away by this clock! Perhaps it's the way Brandy's combined colors? Head to Repurpose Relove for a great, step-by-step tutorial

Repurpose: From Trashed to Tickin' (Guitar Clock)


Happy first Monday of July but...what happened to June? And half of 2012? Tick-tock, tick-tock. So... guess what the theme is this week? No, not clocks. Guitars! I got my first kid-sized acoustic guitar when I was 8, a not-quite-full-size and an actual teacher when I was 11 and I've had some version around ever since. I never trashed a guitar (I was a flaky, eccentric singer-songwriter). So, I'd never thought about repurposing the various bits and pieces of one until I found Stringcycle and saw what could be done with used-up strings. Since then, several posts have been brewing. They all go live this week. 

The first - turning a trashed guitar into a clock! Clock mechanisms are cheap and easy to find - I say this with confidence because I once churned out
book clocks to make extra money. This dramatic transformation from My Repurposed Life is a lot of fun and I'd love to see a version done with book pages!  Please note that the clock face is an old CD. Note too the guitar picks used to frame the clock. Guitar picks will be a focal point this week!  Get the whole tutorial here. (Via Handmade Spark