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Reusable Advent Calendar and DIY Holiday Cards

Season's greetings fab friends! I realize that it's a bit late to be sharing an idea for a reusable advent calendar, but hey... maybe it'll provide some last-minute inspiration for some of you! And the embroidered cards are super-easy to make, so it's not too late to try them.

In case you hadn't noticed, the theme this year is YARN. I wondered just how far I could stretch a single ball and I already have my answer: far! Nope, not spinning you a tall tale... everything you see below was done with one ball and I have plenty left to finish this year's batch of cards.

Up first: instructions for the cards. Scroll down for the advent calendar tutorial!  

Upcycle: Copper Himmeli and Twiggy Trees

I tend to be a fake-tree person. This year, while contemplating getting a real one, things took a different turn. We spotted a pile of fallen branches and agreed they might make a fun tree. So I ended up with the mess pictured below ... 

And once I stripped a lot of branches off to "make" the tree, I wondered what I could do with them. Which set off the spree of DIY ornaments below! All quite easy to make. I've linked to tutorials and inspiration.

DIY: Felt tree decorations ...

I started collecting orange tree ornaments a long long time ago ... so my tree is colorful!  In a world that is shades of grey, black, brown and white, I like color.  But if I had to try monochrome holiday decorating, I'd use felt and any other fabric that's warm ...

Make these lovely decorations yourself care of The Purl Bee.  And here's a link to last year's felt garland.