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Upcycle: Moving Box Furniture Silhouettes

You have special guests arriving and a box-filled basement in which to accommodate them. You don't have the time or the money to "finish" the basement, so what do you do to welcome them? You unpack all the boxes and use them to do this! I love it (I know, you're shocked) because it's thoughtful, whimsical and really personal. Way to upcycle Nikki! Read more and see lots more pics at Whimsy Love

Upcycle: Milk Box Magazine Files...

I think I own one magazine file ... mostly they (the magazines) just live in piles around my house. But this is the second post (in a row!) dedicated to magazine files. Perhaps I'm trying to tell myself something?  Anyway, this is a classy refab. Simple. Smart. Head to Desert Willow Lane for the tutorial.

Upcycle: Clean-cut cardboard...

I happened upon these three projects at different times (all using what I call corrugated cardboard) and it felt right to group them together. Clean-cut, very modern aesthetic ... great design etc. Let's bear in mind that the material is cardboard.

1. This amazing shelf is an Instructables masterpiece
2. Spotted the cardboard laptop stand at Green Upgrader
3. The mod organizer with the very clean lines is from Curbly

Recycle: Pencil Holder

Cardboard inner tubes - they're everywhere: cling wrap, aluminum foil, kitchen paper towel, toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper, yarn tubes, fabric roll tube ... etc.  Head over to Craft Passion for this super-sweet upcycle.