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Printable: Owl Miss You! {candy wrapper}

I've been sitting on this post for months and ... forgot about it.  Ah well.  I think this is a super-sweet idea for class goodbye gifts!  Perhaps you still need them?  Perhaps you can pin this idea for next year ... or for an early-ending summer camp? The back reads "hope you have a great summer!"  Get the free printable from Lisa Storms.  Couldn't resist posting her recent owl gift box too.

Get instructions for making this awesome creature here. It involves repurposing a cardboard oatmeal container.

Free Printable: Sailing into June (calendar)

Scout Creative presents ... a June sailboat.  Print it. Make it. Love it. 

Printable: Owl Bookmarks and Cards

A printable owl greeting card with a reusable component ... and dripping in cute?  Yes please.  (Via How About Orange).

DIY: Hermes Clutch (with free printable)

The clever marketing folks at Hermes are offering another free printable... this time, a DIY JigĂ© clutch. Visit this page, let it load up, and click on the "I want it, I'll have it" thumbnail. Choose from six different patterns, download ... and what?  They want you to print, cut, glue, and enjoy!  Because this is a pretty promotional idea ...and a waste of paper.  And the link will go away.  

But, if you save the PDF to your desktop before you "print" you'll have it for future use.  And if you print this off onto fabric transfer paper, you could actually make a little fabric clutch. I love love the bird!  (Via OhTheLovelyThings)

Printable: Caffiend May Calendar ...

Dear Caffiend:  A perfect free printable for you... from Scout Creative

Free Printable: Woodgrain tags...

Styled.  Issue Six.  Out now and very very beautiful.  Check out the many lovely DIY's along with this free printable.

Printables: Spring brights...

I haven't posted free printables in a while ... here are some lovely bright goodies for the season: 
(please visit the sites to download these works FREE - do not steal images from here)

Print and play from Allsorts

Free collage art for kids.  Check out the coloring pages too.  

Free printable inspiration from the good Dr.... 

Printable: 2012 Oscar Bingo!

Once upon a time ... I won a game of Oscar Bingo!  I'd like to thank my lawyer, my border collie... and Jessica Jones for providing the revised game every year.  Print at How About Orange.

Printable: Instagram Nanibirds ...

I have always loved the Nanibirds.  I don't know why I want them ... I just do.  They're adorable. And free to print. 

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DIY: Make a valentine ...

Handy with a saw?  This tutorial involves cutting, roasting (or nuking-to kill the critters) gluing etc ... but the result is great.  Check out her mirror while you're there... thanks Pretty Handy Girl!

Wrapping yarn around balloons is a technique popping up everywhere ... lovely twist on the the idea at Made by Michelle ... she also has a sweet fabric heart garland tutorial.

A page is for folding
A plane is for flying
A feeling is for saying
and sending and sighing!

Write a letter to your love ... then send it across the room via paper plane (printable - designed by Cathe from Just Something I Made)

I'm also loving these printable soap labels (could be used to wrap candy bars or decorate DIY party crackers!) ... care of Soap Deli News.

Super-cute printable notes from Fresh-Picked Whimsy ...

And .... some pipe-cleaner decor!  Tutorial at Sweetie Pie Bakery

Heart-shaped page markers from Craft & Creativity (tutorial in English and Swedish)

Classy printable card and "coupons" care of Love vs. Design

One of many printable vintage valentines care of Cheeky Magpie...

Make a paper-heart mobile ... from Being Brook

Tutorial and free printable from Creature Comforts...

Four adorable printables from Hello!Lucky ...  For many, many others see the round up at The Long Thread.

Make a puffy origami heart garland ....

Printable: Wine-bottle gift tags ...

Really pretty and freely printable.  Thanks Alpha Mom (via

Printable: Gift tags ...

Thanks to Merriment Design for this great free printable.  I love the kitsch factor ...

Printable: Paper tree topper ...

I'm a little smitten with Jurianne Matter - it's the kind of design that makes me want to pack my bags for the Netherlands. Visit her beautiful website and find her downloadable trees (with instructions in both English and Dutch) at her blog. 

Printable: Santa Advent Calendar...

Pretty cute!  You'll find this at Paperkraft ... while you're there, check out the other holiday-related printables.  I think my favorite idea for a Xmas countdown calendar remains the holiday-book-a-day idea I saw posted last year.