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Here she is ... a pretty pigeon-like thingie with a carrying wing/pocket on her back.  She was inspired by the Helen Dardik bird below and I'm really pleased with the result.  Kate announced loudly that this creature is her favorite. I can't choose between her and the snail.  Perhaps the Owl market is a little too saturated now for us to be impressed by them ... ?   :)

Here are my latest "doodle twoots" and I've made some changes.  Less shaping of the actual body than on the first one but much more applique.  I've also put the wing-shaped gift-card/note/tooth-fairy-money holder on the back rather than the front, and it's bigger.  I wonder WHOO will be getting these for Christmas?  The mail snails are next!

PS: I would love some feedback on these creatures.  If I can maintain momentum, I'm thinking of selling them as "finish-it-yourself" type kits via Etsy.  So please leave me a comment or twooooooooo.