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Meet "Reel" ... a bike-storage idea by Yeongkeun Jeong, an industrial designer based in Seoul. Silicone stickers are attached to the bike frame then the elastic band is wrapped around the frame to create a storage space of your own "design". As far as I can tell, this idea is still exactly that .... an idea. So I'm not promoting a product here, just an idea for turning negative space into storage.  An idea that looks DIY-able to me. One that could be made real (!) using materials that are easy to find. Anyone tried anything like this?  (via Storage & Glee)

Fubu-color-wonderous! This awesome upcycle from Sam of Little House in the Big D makes me want to run out and find a metal filing cabinet.

Do you love buttons? Do you store them in jars? Me too.  How about storing them in a way that's a little more visual?  How about a little button art that allows you to actually use the buttons when/if you need them?

Behold ... the humble button tree.  This is a first attempt - there will be a "Round 2" in the near future because I have another idea...