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Valentine upcycle: Book-page treat bags

Yup - I made a Valentine's Day thing. Mostly because I was inspired by Pillar Box Blue's upcycled map hearts. They're so easy to make and such a great way to repurpose magazines, old book pages and, apparently, maps. Also, sewing paper is fun!

Lovecycled... 20 Valentine DIYs

 For you I have to risk it all 

'Cause the writing's on the wall 
 Sam Smith

I haven't done a Valentine's post in years. But I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the hate happening all around me right now. So let's make love... out of junk.

DIY: A Book of (chocolate) Love ...

Since Feb 1st, I've been actively avoiding posts, sites, blogs etc featuring valentine "crafts" ... let's just say that I can't see the talent for the pink haze ... aaaahhhh!  So it takes a lot to make me look twice right now.  And this made me look.  Because it's a re-purposed book.  Because it's a really nicely done tutorial that will get you a decent result (cutting out a book with a craft knife is hard work - pay attention to the "short cut"!) ... and because I wish I'd thought of it!  Check out "Life is a Book of Chocolates"

Recycle: Waxing colorful ...

If you've got kids (or work with kids) you've got crayons.  Lots of them. Melting down broken pieces to create colorful "new" crayons is an old idea ... but a good one, so I keep seeing creative versions for weddings, holidays and parties.  If the silicone cookie /candy mould exists, you can make crayons in that shape (gingerbread crayons for the holidays?)

I was inspired to finally feature crayons myself thanks to the amazing "crayon art" tutorial recently posted on 52 Kitchen Adventures.  What a FANTASTIC way to involve kids in making art... never mind the "science" of melting, mixing, cooling etc.

Melted crayon wedding favors?  Not sure about this one ... but great for the kid's table!

A different, more grown-up take on the dripping crayon art idea... care of Jenna Brown

An oh-so-pretty example of sorting the scraps and re-inventing them! 

A sweet, colorful valentine that includes a little sparkle .... from Whipperberry.  

Crayon-themed birthday party?  Color me in!

DIY: Fill a heart with words ...

Tagxedo is a fab-u-lous time-waster!  Turn your words (or your blog or your favorite website) into a custom word cloud ... and I mean CUSTOM.  The options seem endless ... so I showed my blog a little love.  Cute valentine printable too?

DIY: Paper bird cages ...

These were designed bLaurie Cinotto of LaLaLaurie for Brides Cafe. I'm smitten!  Yes, they're clearly appropriate for wedding decor.  But they'd be great in a kid's room too ... perhaps a mobile?  Full tutorial here.

DIY: Make a valentine ...

Handy with a saw?  This tutorial involves cutting, roasting (or nuking-to kill the critters) gluing etc ... but the result is great.  Check out her mirror while you're there... thanks Pretty Handy Girl!

Wrapping yarn around balloons is a technique popping up everywhere ... lovely twist on the the idea at Made by Michelle ... she also has a sweet fabric heart garland tutorial.

A page is for folding
A plane is for flying
A feeling is for saying
and sending and sighing!

Write a letter to your love ... then send it across the room via paper plane (printable - designed by Cathe from Just Something I Made)

I'm also loving these printable soap labels (could be used to wrap candy bars or decorate DIY party crackers!) ... care of Soap Deli News.

Super-cute printable notes from Fresh-Picked Whimsy ...

And .... some pipe-cleaner decor!  Tutorial at Sweetie Pie Bakery

Heart-shaped page markers from Craft & Creativity (tutorial in English and Swedish)

Classy printable card and "coupons" care of Love vs. Design

One of many printable vintage valentines care of Cheeky Magpie...

Make a paper-heart mobile ... from Being Brook

Tutorial and free printable from Creature Comforts...

Four adorable printables from Hello!Lucky ...  For many, many others see the round up at The Long Thread.

Make a puffy origami heart garland ....

DIY: Valentines ... all stitched up.

Ok - one more post about you-know-what and then I'm done.  This idea is V-day oriented, but it could be used any time you wanted to send someone a really special message. And it's a great scrap buster! 

This project is care of SewMamaSew and, as always, her instructions are great.

 And finally, a printable card and gift tags that are really hard to resist ... perhaps it's the orange?

Go get 'em from mmmmcrafts.

Printable: Valentine creatures ...

Hoooo loves you baby?

I'm ambivalent about V-day.  Maybe it's the relentless color scheme.  Or maybe my mom should NOT have mailed me those "pretend" valentines when I was in highschool?  Anyways - I generally don't do cards. But I do love creative goodies like Jane Avion's owl... his head flips up so you can put a surprise something in him!  
And of course there are all the pink, champagne cocktails that flow in February ... those are lovable. For another cute idea, check out the printable Lollipop Butterfly at Skiptomylou: