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Upcycle: Serve up ... a bird feeder

So ... you think you're crafty?  If you do, you should try out for So You Think You're Crafty! I spotted this birdfeeder in the season 12 audition round - not so surprised it took first place!  Complete tutorial here.
6 comments on "Upcycle: Serve up ... a bird feeder"
  1. This is a great idea. How do you drill the holes? I have tried and failed. Broke the items. My husband is super handy and clever, and he couldn't do it. Stumped!

    1. Check out the complete tutorial here:

      Erin share's her trick: placing a block of wood under the item. Do you think a piece of tape might help too? Perhaps packing or duct tape?

  2. Try melting the spot thin enough to drill it maybe?

  3. Go get a drywall screw and a hammer. Place the tip of the screw exactly where you want to drill, then tap it ever so gently with the hammer to pierce the glaze and create a little divot. Now load a masonry bit into your drill driver and use the divot to hold it in place as you start drilling. No fissures, no scratches, no fuss.
    From "This Old House" website
    Hope that works!

  4. Thanks for the shout out. If you have questions about drilling, check out my tutorial. I talk about how to drill the melamine there.

  5. Just popped in from surfing arround..... what a lovely idea is this bird feater!
    Wihsing you a lovely week and a wonderful Valentinesday!