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LOVE this!  It's a "Marni for H&M" inspired DIY that involves some simple (but ingenious) repurposing of horrible little plastic containers. Head over to Matter of Style for the full DIY ... 

Summer days are still in full swing in my life but I understand that cold reality is on the horizon - the days are shorter, the early mornings actually feel just a little cooler. So very soon it will be "bye bye garden hose and lawn mower; hello rakes, snow shovels" etc. I think this is a great way to keep your leaky old hose out of the landfill and prepare for the change of season: turn it into a durable doormat that will withstand mud and snow!  (RIP image via here)

I got my first pair of glasses when I was 14 (I'm nearsighted). I wore contacts through most of my 20s but ended up doing a number on my eyes. So I've gone through a lot of glasses in my life. When it's time for a change in prescription, I usually donate my old pair and get new frames. Donation is always the best first option if the frames are still good. But what if we're talking about cheap sunglasses that are really scratched? Or you're attached to your old specs for some reason? Here are 18 (really very geeky) ideas for you! 

Surprising right? Weave drinking straws into drink coasters... really. Get the full how-to at Country Living

Neither paper nor plastic cups are actually "disposable" but we dispose of a lot of them! So much so, that they've become icons of our throwaway culture. The last time I got on a soapbox about the nastiness of some of the things we throw away (balloons), an anonymous industry person threw the book at me in a comment. Well, go ahead manufacturers of disposable cups! I'm not saying we shouldn't use them. But perhaps we could creatively repurpose them rather than dispose of them?  And, in response to a comment thread on reddit: No, I don't really think anyone is actually going to craft with a used, lipstick-stained paper cup. But I do see completely unused "party supplies" being thrown out - those cups are fair game. And anything plastic can indeed be washed, reused and then repurposed. Or perhaps it's time to just look at these items in a new way: as cheap craft supplies, not disposable cups!?   Here are 20+ ideas for you

Earlier this week I featured a bird feeder created from plastic (melamine) dinnerware - it was a hit! So I'm stick with a theme for the last day of this week. Not only does this little DIY include the dinnerware, but plastic pens too!  Complete tutorial at Somewhat Simple.

So ... you think you're crafty?  If you do, you should try out for So You Think You're Crafty! I spotted this birdfeeder in the season 12 audition round - not so surprised it took first place!  Complete tutorial here.

A couple of months ago I dedicated a post to creating a bowl from an old LP (vinyl record).  The method involves using your oven and heating the vinyl ... an apparently smelly (noxious?) process.  So, today I'm posting an alternative how-to from Skulls and Ponies. This one involves boiling water v. using a hot oven. A kinder process all round. It also involves vinyl in amazing colors and a lot of fun, judging by all the great pics!

This post does not link to a tutorial ... but I know a few people out there who will take one look at this lamp and figure out the DIY version (please let me know if you do!).  I also see it as a way to use/repurpose empty (used up) plastic pens... v. new ones.  See Enpieza for the full collection of "biro" lamps.  (lamp image via Chica and Jo)

Suze Orman says chop up your credit cards ... or freeze them or something.  But neither credit cards nor gift cards are recyclable (take that, Suze!). Some retailers do sell a bioplastic gift card that degrades in about 40 days (read more here) but for the most part, we pop the PVC suckers in the trash. I get particularly annoyed with online-only retailers like Amazon. They ship out actual plastic cards (I get one every time I cash out my credit card points - irony of ironies) ... even though the only valuable thing on the card is its "code". Then what? I think we should actively craft with them.That's what. So here are some ideas.  

Mirrors created with some version of a plastic scoop / spoon ... they're a theme this week.  Apparently these orange scoops come from a brand of formula.  They look like something we got in cans of powdered juice when I was a kid ... one scoop of the stuff into water and you had a neon orange drink.  Wow ... yum (!)  Complete how to here.  

Crafting with bottle caps has been done, done and done.  I know.  But they (the caps) still accumulate... especially if your preferred beverage comes from a brown bottle. Right?  So I am always interested in ways to repurpose them ... and this post focuses on home accessories / decor, v. the many necklace, earring and bracelet options out there. 

The amazing resin serving tray (above) got this post started.  I think it's genius and LOVE the color combination ... great tutorial overall from SomeWhatSimple.  14 more after the jump!

Complete how-to at Addicted2Decorating.

This eye-popping chandelier is created entirely from plastic water bottles.  Visit Oh Happy Day for the completely tutorial.

#6 plastic is nasty, because it's Polystyrene (styrofoam). Most recycling programs won't accept it and it's potentially toxic! Find out more about the numbers you see on plastic products we use here.

If your supermarket IS really still using #6 containers to package food, you should complain. There are many other options available. And if you do find yourself with one of these horrible things in your hands, save it! Because you can make fused beads (think shrinky dinks)!  
The original tutorial from Rust and Sunshine has been removed. But this is a really simple craft that requires very little skill and calls for doodling with permanent markers. CLICK HERE for instructions for making shrinky dinks with #6 plastic.

I am in awe of the craft, resourcefulness and colors in these products.  The how to (via Supercyclers) is limited ... but I'm featuring it anyway because it's an amazing way to take one of the ugliest objects on earth and transform it.

I saw these "candy" lights and thought Quality Street!!  Not that I've seen/tasted one of these "choc-ies" in many years.  They used to come out especially for the holidays ... the way I see Fannie Mae bought around here ... or See's Candies in CA.  So I think it's entirely appropriate to create party decor with this kind of "candy".

Get the how-to at OhHappyDay.  If you planned it, you could start saving plastic clamshell berry containers now, rather than buying corsage boxes.