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One of the most visited posts on this blog is a little roundup called "Silverware becomes silver WEAR!" I'm a fan of refabbed jewelry so I will often think in that direction first. But I've seen many other great ideas for repurposing old cutlery or silverware. And I recently got to wondering: Could you refab a kitchen by creatively repurposing old silverware? Would it be possible to round up projects that could, arguably, all appear in your kitchen or dining area? The answer is ... yes! So get the silverware out of drawer and to put it to good, fun re-use! (20+ projects ... so read on)

Make a real statement by replacing every drawer pull / cabinet handle in your kitchen with ones made of old silverware

Check out this version from Little Green's kitchen ... silverware-as-hardware but with a different aesthetic.

This is a really simple but very effective idea: silverware as curtain tiebacks.  Get instructions for the fork here. For a variation on the idea (spoon) go here.

My friends Matt and Betsy recently had their home featured on Apartment Therapy. I love the simple silverware hooks in their kitchen (pictured above). To make them yourself, get instructions here.

I have a sort-of-a-coatrack in my eat-in kitchen. So I will argue that this project does, in fact, involve something that could appear in/near the kitchen. But really, who cares! This awesome coatrack from Snickerdoodle Creations repurposes silver spoons and a coin collection. I think the result is wonderful. Complete how-to here.

A fun flip of the silverware-as-hooks idea. Simple storage / display - instructions at BHG

This Design Sponge key rack has been doing the rounds recently. The really great colors don't hurt!

Not really silverware, but I love the effect! And something about this makes the cooler weather on the horizon a little less depressing. Via.

If the ladles don't appeal to you, how about this tea-light idea? It's a little more contained and probably a little safer. Instructions at Spruce Your Nest.

There are lots of images of silverware chandeliers out there. The one pictured above involves repurposing a hanging basket. Actual instructions here.

Very simple addition of forks to the top of the lamp. How about those shadows??! 

Ok, so maybe you wouldn't have a lamp like this in a kitchen. But nearby? Perhaps! And I love it. Instructions at Shelterness.

Markers for your kitchen herb garden ... from Mossy Mossy.

Turn an old fork into an egg cup! From one of my favorite re-makers: What I Made

Turn vintage forks into napkin rings! Complete instructions at Brooklyn Limestone  

Apply the technique above to make these place card holders .... image via Etsy

Easy-to-make candle holders ... I love the dishtowel table runner too.

Cheese markers! I couldn't find a tutorial in one place. But, there are great instructions on how to cut silverware here and a lovely tutorial on using a stamping kit here. (Image via Etsy.)

This great kitchen clock involves repurposing both an ugly old clock and old silverware! Instructions here.

Another way to use spoons as hooks / hangers ... for a kitchen garden, of course! Care of Hutch Studio.  Take a look at the moss-and-airplant version too.

A DIY rain chain using bent spoons and wires... not really in the kitchen I suppose. But I imagine it near the kitchen door. Find all the instructions at Forever Decorating

And finally, wind chimes. For a back porch / deck / balcony just outside your kitchen! Great collection to inspire you here. Simple wind chimes DIY here.

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  1. OH wow! So many spoon ideas. Thank you for sharing. I'm wondering whether these ideas will work with "normal" stainless steel spoons.

  2. Wow I am so impressed with your creativity. All these ideas are so practicle and adorable. Thanks for Sharing :)

    1. Glad you're inspired Beckie! I wish I could take the credit for these ideas, but I can't. They come from many other wonderfully creative people - I just gathered them here.

  3. I really love all of these ideas! I love antique lookign things. I will probably do the garden markers for sure!

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