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One of the most visited posts on this blog is a little roundup called "Silverware becomes silver WEAR!" I'm a fan of refabbed jewelry so I will often think in that direction first. But I've seen many other great ideas for repurposing old cutlery or silverware. And I recently got to wondering: Could you refab a kitchen by creatively repurposing old silverware? Would it be possible to round up projects that could, arguably, all appear in your kitchen or dining area? The answer is ... yes! So get the silverware out of drawer and to put it to good, fun re-use! (20+ projects ... so read on)

Old silverware (or cutlery, where I'm from) is always so eye-catching.  They just don't make it like they used to right?  So why stick it in a drawer when you can WEAR it?  Get ready to cut metal with this great "spoon ring" tutorial from Through the Front Door ... while you're there, check out her round-up of new uses for old silverware!

Not really a ring person?  Stars for Streelights shows you how to make a fork bracelet.

Turn an old spoon into a pendant ... care of Miss Monday

I used to own a beautiful wind-chime made of old spoons and forks ... think I got it in England.  I lost it in a move - I remember it making a really soft, lulling sound in the wind.  Tutorial at Freckled Nest.