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This week, friends of mine in the UK created for themselves a wonderous Ale-vent calendar ... inspired by CAMRA. It might be the best take on a grown-up advent I've seen!  And it's really simple to make - paper-wrapped bottles ... printable numbers. I'm wondering about refrigeration (I like my beer cold!) ... I should ask them.

Anyways, I love countdowns, so there's usually some sort of advent calendar in my house (see last year's book/gift calendar for Ms Ro). And I don't think they're just for kids! The holiday season is stressful, so why shouldn't we get a little gift for every day we survive it??  Here are 11 more adult-friendly advents to DIY:

I spotted this here. They're actually table numbers (get printable labels here) which makes sense. Because a bottle is good for an entire table of people. And perhaps one should not consume a bottle/night for 24 nights? Or perhaps one should.

If you're a teetotaler (and a tea lover - ha!) then this one's for you. (via Etsy). Find another version at Red Red Completely Red

Coffee lover? Fishly News has a lovely advent idea for you. 

Chocolate is, of course, still on the table for grown ups. Good chocolate. So make these

How about an ornament a day? I'm sure I have enough of them that keeping 24 aside for daily placement would be entirely possible.

I love the simplicity of this tree. And inside the envelopes? Photos. Simple. Sentimental. Love it.

Ok - this is really for kids. But since a grown-up is supposed to read the book out loud (and some of us out there rather like kids' picture books) I'm featuring it for the third year in a row.

Simple aesthetic and it could hold anything. Really. Anything. Spoil yourself. 

Like the DIY idea but want a little more design? Grab these free printable boxes from Oh Happy Day 

No gifts here but very grown up. Head to Creature Comforts for the DIY

This works for both you and the kiddos. In my humble opinion. Minimalist but sweet enough that they'll love it too. Because yes, yes ... maybe this is supposed to be about them too.

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