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My mom used to buy miles of ribbon and make her own gift bows. Not because she wanted to (there was a lot of complaining as she went) but because back in ye olden days, you couldn't just buy them from a store. Hmmmm. I wondered if I could, a) remember how to make one and b) use an old book page to do it. Here's my attempt! Instructions ahead ...  

1. Cut several strips of paper, each 2 inches longer than the previous one.

2. For each strip of paper, turn the ends to the center and adhere with double-stick tape (or regular tape, wrapping slightly around it), forming two loops. To create the center loop, simply tape the ends together, making a circle. Make a "tail" by measuring and cutting a strip of paper slightly longer than the longest looped piece; notch the ends to look like ribbon.

3. Before you start stacking the pieces to create the bow, get a piece of tape ready. I measured out a piece then cut it in half lengthwise (long and narrow is good). Stack tail and looped pieces from longest to shortest then slip the tape through the loop and wrap it around the whole thing.

4. Center the bow on the package and stick it down. You can leave it like that or measure out another strip of paper to slip through and either wrap all the way around the package or just sit across the top. Done.

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