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A few months back I put together a roundup of accessories created by upcycling old zippers (or zips, as I call them). Since then, I've been wanting to create a zippy little something for myself. So here's my pendant and a quick how-to, should you want to make one for yourself!

What you need:

1. An old zipper - 7" at least. My friend Lisa finds them cheap at thrift stores and was kind enough to give me one so I could make this necklace.
2. Scissors, jewelry pliers, findings (not pictured) and, possible, jewelry wire. I didn't use wire.
3. A pretty something to feature on the necklace - I used a blown glass pendant I've had for years.
4. You may want to use ribbon as your closure. I ended up using the strips of zipper that I cut off.

1. Cut the fabric away from the zipper. Get as close to the teeth as you can.

2. When you get to the "top", angle away from the teeth to leave yourself a wide end for sewing. If you're concerned about fraying, seal the edges and ends of fabric by burning them off (see this tutorial).

3. I was going to use ribbon to create a tie closure.  Then I saw the strips of fabric I'd just removed from the zipper and decided to use them instead. Sew them to the ends and you're done. If you'd rather attach a more traditional necklace closure, see this tutorial for instructions.

Now you attach whatever your heart desires to the metal zipper. I've had this glass pendant sitting around for years. I think it's pretty but on a regular chain, it disappears. Attached to this zip, with a few metal rings for detail, it makes much more of a statement. NOTE: You can pull the zipper down completely (pictured above right) or pull it back up a little for what I think is an edgier look (picture below).

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  1. This is lovely!! I love that you completely used the zipper, scraps and all. I'll have to dig through my thrifted zipper box to see what else in there.


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