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A few months back I put together a roundup of accessories created by upcycling old zippers (or zips, as I call them). Since then, I've been wanting to create a zippy little something for myself. So here's my pendant and a quick how-to, should you want to make one for yourself!

I'm charmed by the simplicity of this idea! I don't think white-and-crystals is necessarily my style. But I really want to try making this!  Complete tutorial (use the translator) at Craft and Fun. And while you're there, oggle the rest of her amazing jewelry-upcycle DIYs.

My friend Lisa (of PoldaPop designs) is a big fan of old zippers and makes amazing things with them.  This post is inspired by her zippy creativity (!) and by these beautiful tutorials I found.  (Note: this could have been a HUGE roundup but I made the very unusual decision to avoid the rabbit hole, stop looking and publish!  Zipper pile image above via Flickr)