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I’m always struck by how many scraps of fabric I make when I’m sewing (or my kid is quilting). As my collection of leftovers grew, I wondered how I could make use of all the leftover material. Save every scrap of fabric and read about the best ways to use your leftover fabrics, whether large or small.

Face Masks

Possibly the most obvious choice given the state of our world, but face masks are a perfect application of leftover scraps. It’s easy to stitch together a cute patchwork mask, and you’ll stand out from anyone who decided a plain mask was a good way to go. Fun masks or bust!




I’ve made quite a few drawstring and zipper bags with scraps, as well. Depending on the size, you can use them as pencil holders, grocery bags, or a replacement for a gift bag. All you need is a scrap for the inside, two scraps for the outside, and a zipper (if you go the zipper route, of course). For a drawstring bag, you’ll still need inner and outer lining but also a cord or ribbon for the drawstring. Or, you can be really ambitious and make a beautiful tote like the one above.


With fabric and elastic, you can turn leftover fabric into adorable scrunchies. Let’s be honest; you can never have too many hair ties. It’s great to make your own because you’ll have more luck matching with your wardrobe!


Patchwork Quilts

The best way to use TONS of fabric scraps all at once is with patchwork quilting. My favorite part of using leftover fabric for quilts is that the quilt becomes a kind of craft diary. With your finished quilt, you’ll remember all the projects that led you to the quilt, and you’ll know that the new blanket is emblematic of all the work you’ve put into your hobby.

Never waste another scrap with these best ways to use your leftover fabrics! Hopefully, you enjoyed this list, and it has your creative juices flowing—dig into your scrap sack and start making something new while keeping fabric out of landfills.



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