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I’m always struck by how many scraps of fabric I make when I’m sewing (or my kid is quilting). As my collection of leftovers grew, I wondered how I could make use of all the leftover material. Save every scrap of fabric and read about the best ways to use your leftover fabrics, whether large or small.

Meet the world's first slipper that's helping to fight plastic pollution!

slippers made from upcycled plastic

WINNER:  Rebecca B. 

Fab folk - if this looks familiar it's because I've introduced you to Clearwaters before. This year, they're back with a Kickstarter that funded fully upon launch AND a giveaway for one of you. Read on to find out more about them and about how to win a pair of these beautiful slippers. 

Solving two hole-y problems with one box. Welcome to the revolution! And a giveaway :)

Winners drawn 9/17 : Robert Y. and Kelly T. Please check your email! 

I sat at a craft fair last week and watched $20 mass-produced versions of these head wraps fly out the door ... they were polyester yarn and really chintzy.  But they also looked surprisingly good on everyone!  

I did not try one on, but wondered about dusting off the knitting needles and making one for myself.  Gotta say, I'd much rather sew one, especially if there's an upcycle opportunity in there too!  So thanks to Delia Creates for the super-simple tutorial via Prudent Baby.