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I enjoy the satisfaction of taking something broken and giving it a beautiful second life. So, over the years, I’ve refurbished more than my fair share items in my home with the help of the hundreds of DIY tutorials out there. Here's a quick overview of the best ways to repurpose items in your home to inspire you to take on some creative projects of your own.

Best Ways To Repurpose Items in Your Home

Give your broken frame a second life  

I’ve learned that you can give a broken picture or window frame a second life by turning them into earring or jewelry hangers. All you need for this project is the frame, some picture wire, or a handful of small screw-in hooks. Then, you wrap the wire around the frame at even intervals, position the little hooks, and hang whatever you like to create a trendy, functional centerpiece that ties a space together.



Use old wire baskets to create new light fixtures

This obviously depends on your aesthetic because, no matter what, you get an industrial or rustic feel from one of these. For this project, all that’s needed is a wire basket and the proper connections to a light pendant. Then, clip any straggling wires and paint the baskets to coordinate with your color scheme, and secure them to the light. Crafting unique light fixtures with old baskets is a good way to bring a more dynamic feel to a space.



Craft a pot and pan rack from old bicycle wheels

I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the many ways you can repurpose part of bikes. One of the simplest, and most fun projects I’ve tried, is turning an old rim into a thrifty pot and pan rack for the kitchen. 


Again, this is a surprisingly simple project, as all that you need is the proper hardwire to affix the wheels to the ceiling and some matching hooks to hang your kitchenware. And because the wheel is round, it creates a rotating rack, so your pans are always easily accessible. Get full instructions here.


Reupholster dingy furniture with your favorite fabrics

Reupholstering worn furniture is a popular form of repurposing. I haven't done a lot of it, but the one project I'm still most proud of is the one pictured below.  



I got these gorgeous chairs for $35 at a garage sale and spent about $30 on fabric to recover them. It was quick, easy, and the difference is amazing.

This project only requires a pair of scissors, a staple gun, and some great fabric. Some people choose to remove the old material before they add the new, but it isn’t necessary. In this case, I just fit the new cloth over the old and stapled it to the bottom edges.

Rejuvenating old elements in my favorite spaces is always a rewarding adventure. Hopefully, this guide on the best ways to repurpose items in your home has given you what you need to get started on your own upcycling projects!

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