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Over time, we naturally accumulate stuff and things in excess. We might have had a garage sale or two, but we still sit on more than we'll ever need. Finding the best way to pack it up is always a challenge, but chances are you already have what you need to create effective, upcycled storage.

Creative Ways To Store Your Yard Furniture   

Convert old wood furniture  

Most of us have at least one or two pieces of old wood furniture collecting dust that needs a new life. And typically, it’s the larger pieces of outdated furniture we stash in basements and garages with the “someday” mindset. A few ideas for converting and reusing old wood pieces for storage: 

  • Bookshelf – Turn an old bookshelf into a storage shelf. You can sand it and paint it or relocate it to a neutral location in the garage to stow chair cushions, patio table supplies, or garden supplies.  
  • Shutters – The appeal of an old, battered wood shutter brings character to any space. Think about turning it on its side and attaching metal hooks to hang towels or extra garden hoses.                                                                                                                        



Repurpose wood pallets and filing cabinets

For years people have been using wood pallets for a variety of DIY projects. To put it simply, taking a pallet and sliding things down inside is one of the most efficient and creative ways to make extra storage space.  




Whether you choose to give it some color or not is solely up to you, but leaving it as is will get the job done. Things that are longer and are able to stand up, like brooms or rakes, slip right down into the pallet without falling over and leaving a jumbled mess on the garage floor. Old metal filing cabinets are great for this too!


Revamp old shed  

By far, one of the most highly creative ways to make extra storage space is giving that run-down shed in the backyard a complete and total transformation. It might serve best as the lawn mower garage or a supply shed for leaf blowers and whatnot in the summer months.  

When the summer warmth dissipates, your table and chairs will need a secure home. Consider turning the old shed into a cozy she-shed and utilize the summer furniture. The new-to-you she-shed makes a great space to store the bookshelf or wood pallet, and this keeps everything in one location throughout the seasons.  

I hope this list inspires you to use the goodies you have on hand and to solve some problems with your storage situation. Now that we’re spending more time at home, it’s okay to be a little more creative and think outside the box when completing projects. We have the time, and it’ll save some funds.  






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