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Baby clothing is charming. The problem is that most newborns only wear cute outfits for a brief period. Babies grow so fast that they may only wear an outfit once, or sometimes, not at all. Upcycling your baby’s (and kid's) clothes is one of the best ways to get the most out of them.
Best Ways To Upcycle Your Child’s Baby Clothes 

Make a quilt

I love the concept of making a quilt out of baby clothing. It’s something your children can give their kids down the line, creating a fun and useful tradition for your family that lasts multiple generations. Plus, a quilt is an item that I use all year. Nothing feels cozier than bundling up with a quilt made of your kid’s onesies. And it’s a lot better than spending money on an expensive quilt with zero sentimental value. 


Cute headbands

The goal of upcycling your baby’s clothes is to use their garments in a way that stands the test of time. I want something to remember the parts of my child’s life by, from getting their first tooth to high school graduation. Headbands are a cute accessory for kids of any age and they're simple to make.

All it takes is a couple of snips from an old pair of pants and a fancy design to get a beautiful headband. Elastic headbands are adorable, but they may be pricey. With these upcycled headbands, you get the cuteness without having to break the bank. 


Holiday stocking

If you have a holiday newborn, you may want to hold off on this one until they officially outgrow their current clothes. But for future Christmases, having a stocking made of their baby clothes is adorable. 

This is an excellent technique to get a customized stocking for the kids with things you already have. You can create a patchwork pattern out of their clothing, which will turn out beautifully.


Design a new bag

You can build a great bag for holding your baby’s belongings out of some old T-shirts. A handmade bag is also a great present for anybody you know who is pregnant. Don’t forget to ensure that the shirts are free of stains. I love the concept of reusing baby clothes as something useful for the baby. You could even build a tiny bag for your child to take around their little toys as they become bigger. So show off your sewing skills; you can even add a zipper to keep things secure.


Try a simple refashion

Before I had my daughter, I didn't sew much - too many perfectionist hang ups. But suddenly faced with many adorable, hardly warn, and way too-short onesies, I figured "what did I have to lose?". My favorite refashion: turning a too-short, baby onesie into a cute little swing top. This is a great way to give them a second a life. Another super-simple idea for leggings that are too short: use the legs to create long-sleeved t-shirts. And finally, as pictured below, another favorite of mine: color-block tunics from too-short t-shirts. These kinds of refashions work great while your kids are growing up, not out. :)


Photo album cover

Almost all parents want to have a photo album of their child. Photos from when they tried their first solid food, snapshots of birthday parties, and awkward school pictures need protection. Instead of the manufacturer’s design on the photo album, I like the idea of creating my own with my child’s clothes. 

Hopefully, I gave you some inspiration to try upcycling your baby’s clothes. Making these items will let you relive the moment when you brought them home from the hospital.



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